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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of forgather.


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  • At Gya, a wild hamlet, the last in Ladak proper, I met a working naturalist whom I had seen twice before, and 'forgathered' with him much of the way.

    Among the Tibetans

  • A few other pious men and women, of the best Evangelical type, went from the same parish to one or other favorite Minister at Dumfries; and when these God-fearing peasants "forgathered" in the way to or from the House of God, we youngsters had sometimes rare glimpses of what Christian talk may be and ought to be.

    The Story of John G. Paton Or Thirty Years Among South Sea Cannibals

  • There was a club in those days in Papeete, where the pearlers, traders, captains, and riffraff of South Sea adventurers forgathered.


  • Yes, you are dead now and live only there, in a little, slightly tip-tilted graveyard where all of your childhood's Christmas trees are forgathered with the present they meant to give, and your childhood's river quietly curls at your side and breathes deep with each tide.

    North and South

  • One man there was of them who was fashioned of the minstrel craft by nature, and who forgathered with me specially, till we became friends, and he was a solace to me, with his tales and his songs of

    The Water of the Wondrous Isles

  • There we forgathered in the summer evenings and of a Saturday afternoon in winter, and told mighty tales of our prowess and flattered our silly hearts.

    Prester John

  • Aweel, when my mother and him forgathered, they set till the sodgers, and I think they gae them their kale through the reek!

    Old Mortality

  • The last occasion on which Werdet forgathered with his favourite author was at his house in the Rue de Seine, where, in February


  • In the English Club, where all who were distinguished, important, and well informed forgathered when the news began to arrive in December, nothing was said about the war and the last battle, as though all were in a conspiracy of silence.

    War and Peace

  • Where all others forgathered, Helisende absented herself.

    The Confession of Brother Haluin


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