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  • adj. resembling a fork; divided or separated into two branches


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  • Until now the measures had focused on the distribution of pepper spray and fork-like tools to keep potential assailants at bay.

    China's Wen Addresses Attacks

  • Real science: Mars Water Mystery Surfaces: "A fork-like probe on the Phoenix Mars Lander has sensed changes in humidity in the Martian air, but finds the dirt below perplexingly dry."

    SF Tidbits for 9/6/08

  • Hell, I didn't even watched it and once, I had a nightmare of the ghost decked out in rouge-red wedding gear using some harpoon or fork-like thing to stab at me.

    rouflaquette Diary Entry

  • In all the stages the larvæ have five conspicuous spines or horns; two on the third segment, two on the fourth, and one on the last segment but one; this is taking the head as the first segment with regard to the first four spines These spines are rough and covered with sharp points all round, and their extremities are fork-like.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 344, August 5, 1882

  • A few feet back a solid pillar stands on the ground, through the fork-like top of which a pine-tree trunk is fixed, generally about thirty feet long.

    Through Finland in Carts

  • It was superior to any door we had "wakened" that afternoon -- made of pale, cinnamon-coloured wood, and immensely wide, carved up above and brightened with great fork-like hinges and nail-heads as large as pennies.

    In the Tail of the Peacock

  • Some are of the size and pattern of an old-fashioned corn cutter, handles of carved wood or carabao horn; sometimes made with a fork-like tip and waved with saw teeth edge.

    An Ohio Woman in the Philippines Giving personal experiences and descriptions including incidents of Honolulu, ports in Japan and China

  • Here and there the fork-like helga showed its purple blossom, and sometimes

    The Palace of Darkened Windows

  • Lightning continued its electrical vividity of fork-like greenish white among the heavy clouds, drooping threateningly from the hill-tops to the darkened valleys below, laden still with their waiting, unshed deluge.

    Across China on Foot

  • It was also noticed that the ships steamed very slowly in single file; that from the bows of each projected a fork-like contrivance, and that in advance of the leader were several steam-launches, between which, and crossing the path of the large vessel, extended hawsers which dipped into the water.

    Stories by American Authors, Volume 5


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