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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of form.


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  • A long range of Tables were placed from Westons door to the George, capable of accommodating all the poor in the Town that is, all who labour for bread, the whole was coverd with Canvass and form'd a compleat tent, border'd throughout by garlands of flowers, and each table having a flag inscribe'd, 'Alexander', 'Blucher', 'Platoff'

    Letter 292

  • They give the place a strange uncomfortable look, and most of the Buildings are form'd of the same materials.

    Letter 293

  • The said gentleman is a citizen of respectable appearance wearing a large full-bottom'd peruke, which though it has never been comb'd is as smooth as on the first day it was form'd.

    Letter 222

  • The micrometer you will see is scratch'd into squares so minute that each square form'd by the intersections is but the ten thousandth part of an inch.

    Letter 134

  • A Rain bow of most singular strength and breadth of colours; it appeared in the east, the right foot resting on the surry shore, just on the bank, so that the tide being full, and the water unruffled, its shadow was quite as perfect as itself and form'd nearly a circle, thus. [sketch of a circle].

    Letter 245

  • I have evaded all invitations, and shall walk with my companions after tea. — — The principal inhabitants of this Town and environs form'd themselves into a Committee to conduct the proposed festivities, and accordingly arranged everything in respect to situation, numbers, and quality of those who were to partake the Dinner.

    Letter 291

  • Not many turn round and observe the 'doubts' of Newton [who was well aware of the theory from ancient times – read the Opticks, p402]: "And if he [God] did so, it's unphilosophical to seek any other Origin of the World, or to pretend that it might arise out of a Chaos by the mere Laws of Nature; though being once form'd, it may continue by those Laws for many Ages."

    [evolution] and its shoddy tactics

  • This Sort of Dress had long & loose Sleeves, and was accompany'd by a voluminous and colorful Shawl, so that the Wearer might conceal any number of physical Defects, several of which even perfectly form'd Ladies in every Age have been wont to disguise.

    What is the sound of one hand on a children's TV show host?

  • The good, the wise, men form'd to serve the state,


  • Thus had the Governante form'd this young Gentlewoman towards

    The Lining of the Patch-Work Screen


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