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  • n. Plural form of formalist.


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  • I'm not arguing that everything the Realists said about the "formalists" is incorrect, but that we have a serious misperception of what people actually thought about law during the formalist period.


  • The "formalists" or entomologists hold that the natural flies actually on the water should be studied and imitated by the fly-maker, down to the most minute particulars.

    Lippincott's Magazine, Volume 11, No. 26, May, 1873

  • Certain apparently defensible prejudices that prevail in the minds of even advanced musical critics against the idea of Form in music, originate in a very manifest mistake on the part of the "formalists" themselves, who (I refer to unimpassioned theorists and advocates of rigid old scholastic rules) place too narrow a construction upon Form, and define it with such rigor as to leave no margin whatever for the exercise of free fancy and emotional sway.

    Lessons in Music Form A Manual of Analysis of All the Structural Factors and Designs Employed in Musical Composition

  • "formalists" or "icontrashists", you know, the kind of dude who doesn't care much for


  • 'formalists' who were preoccupied with the predicament of the individual, or maybe pure questions of form, has led to difficulties of the kind that I see in your comment.


  • The major formalists write poetry of such insatiable calm, such soothing tones, such placid removal from the tectonic shifts of contemporary American culture, especially as they get older, that one doubts their lasting value.

    Anis Shivani: Philip Levine and Other Mediocrities: What it Takes to Ascend to the Poet Laureateship

  • In being the last representative of this old wave of formalists, Malick stands curiously in defiance to the newer generation of formalists who have rewritten the rules of surreality with hyper-structural narrative exercises that set action in the foreground while abandoning the space of contemplation altogether in exchange for the sensory overload of Computer Generated Imaging CGI and madly paced escapes to nowhere certain.

    G. Roger Denson: Terrence Malick's Tree of Life Plays Garden of Eden to the Family of Man

  • You can still argue the merits of the rule at the rule-formation stage, but are there not potential problems for rule-formalists with the argument that every student ought to be free to decide for himself or herself what to do?

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Laptops in Class Redux

  • I have to assume that in Ulin's reference to "playing games" he is taking a swipe at postmodernism, using the same stale cliche those critics who want to valorize the "engagement" of writers like Mailer and Johnson in contrast to the aesthetic affectations of formalists and metafictionists always seem to use.

    Saying Something

  • The problem with the thriller is that formalists like Brian De Palma and Bryan Singer have spoiled them for normal people and critics.

    A PERFECT GETAWAY Unrated Director’s Cut Blu-ray Review –


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