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  • n. Plural form of formant.


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  • (known as formants) but much fainter than they would be for a vowel.


  • This immediately smells like false parsing to me since one could equally come up with other ad hoc 'toponymic formants' like *-asia and find examples like Ocrasia and Planasia to serve as 'evidence' with far too much ease to suit my skeptical nature.

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  • Whistled languages emulate the tone, prosody (rhythm/stress), intonation and vowel formants of a natural language.

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  • The vocal parts of a song are just synthesis of appropriate fundamental frequency, overtones, and formants, using a software model of the sufficient parameters of the human vocal tract to recreate a close-enough timbre upon “decoding”.

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  • Ross et al. analyzed the vowel formants of everyday speech and found, more often than not, that the frequency relationships correspond to the intervals of the 12-note chromatic scale.

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  • • Full formant adjustment for all voices - not only the plugin can keep formants for each of the 120 voices, it can also shift them up to 12 semitones.

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  • * Formant shifting: moving of formants independent from pitch.


  • Notes aren't just frequencies but bundles of harmonics (formants) - as a spectrometer would demonstrate.

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  • · Realtime control and automation for pitch, formants and volume

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  • Formant-Intensity Scales the intensity of the model's formants.

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