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  • n. The condition of having a (specified) form


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  • In conversation, oral promptings (˜Quote-unquote™) or finger-dance quotes can often be omitted without impairing the intelligibility or well-formedness of the utterance.


  • The ill-formedness of (25) is striking, since one can sensibly ask whether or not the boy who was happy sang.

    Logical Form

  • Just a quick recap: well-formedness means that the XML document has a proper syntax: one root node, properly closed tags, quotes around attribute values, etc.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • Chris, there is a regular expression check for well-formedness that you should run before you pass the JSON into eval ().

    Scripting News for 12/20/2006 « Scripting News Annex

  • Layout issues expose some of the most meaningful CSS concerns: well-formedness, cascading, use of container divs, semantic issues in id/class names.

    On teaching CSS - emergency weblog; or: epersonae; or: elaine nelson

  • If weblogging tools enforced at least the well-formedness of the RSS output, a great part of the problem with invalid feeds would be solved.

    Reflective Surface - RSS validity

  • The combinatorial syntax not only gives us a criterion of well-formedness for mental expressions, but it also defines the logical form or syntactic structure for each well-formed expression.

    The Language of Thought Hypothesis

  • Code completion, XML file indenting and well-formedness checking are some of the features built into it.

    SD Times Latest News

  • "UTF-8 encoded XML document with invalid character did not have a well-formedness error"

    KDE TechBase - Recent changes [en]

  • Test 70 failed: UTF-8 encoded XML document with invalid character did not have a well-formedness error Test 74 failed: getSVGDocument missing on element.

    KDE TechBase - Recent changes [en]


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