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  • adj. That can be formulated


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  • As it is, it is just an axe; it wants the character which is required to make its whatness or formulable essence a soul; for that, it would have had to be a natural body of

    On the Soul

  • Further, the actuality of whatever is potential is identical with its formulable essence.

    On the Soul

  • The one who confines himself to the material, or the one who restricts himself to the formulable essence alone?

    On the Soul

  • From all this it is obvious that the affections of soul are enmattered formulable essences.

    On the Soul

  • From all this it follows that soul is an actuality or formulable essence of something that possesses a potentiality of being besouled.

    On the Soul

  • The rule could not have been "given up" because nothing remotely like it was even formulable in the GG framework.

    Chomsky's Revolution: An Exchange

  • Yet another persistent feature of scientifically - inspired theories of history was the restriction they imposed upon the range of conditions considered to be basically or “decisively” relevant: it was assumed that the fundamental laws of historical development should be formulable in a manner that gave priority to factors of some specific type — race, environment, and the growth of knowledge or technology being among those variously accorded this privileged status.


  • Accordingly, the mathematically formulable laws holding sway in nature came to mean the laws according to which the smallest particles in the material foundation of the world change their position with regard to each other.

    Man or Matter

  • The latter assigns the material conditions, the former the form or formulable essence; for what he states is the formulable essence of the fact, though for its actual existence there must be embodiment of it in a material such as is described by the other.


  • From all this it follows that soul is an actuality or formulable essence of something that possesses



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