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  • Same as forenenst.


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  • Then, whan we were snug aboard the vessel, guidness only kens hoo mony miles we went afore we cam 'fornenst the city o' Halifax, for we were three days on the michty ocean, at the mercy o 'ony storm that micht come alang unawares.

    Miss Dexie A Romance of the Provinces

  • I will show that are proposition is unconstitutionable, inlegal, and fornenst the compact.

    The Journal of Negro History, Volume 3, 1918

  • When Lord Castlederry came bouncing into the town, ordering people to do this or to do that, just because the Queen's grandson was coming to the place, your da stood up fornenst him and said, as bold as brass,

    The Foolish Lovers

  • "You wouldn't do behind his back what you'd be afraid to do fornenst his face, would you?"

    The Foolish Lovers

  • Oh, I’m wishing I had wan of them fornenst me this minute and I’d beat him with my fists ’till he’d be a bloody corpse!

    Act IV. Anna Christie

  • There's nothin 'looks more miserabler than a good suit of clothes with a dirty neck fornenst it.

    The Second Chance

  • "But teddin fer yew nor I, Jacob, tu go fornenst His will."

    The Empire Annual for Girls, 1911

  • When he came (as he would have said) "ebbn fornenst" Robbie lying at the roadside, he jumped down from his seat.

    The Shadow of a Crime A Cumbrian Romance

  • "Sorra betther bottle ov wine's betuxt this and Salamanca, nor there's fornenst you on the table; it's raal Lachrymachrystal, every spudh ov it."

    Stories of Comedy

  • "And when the north is fornenst you, as you say, is the east on your right or your left hand?"

    Stories of Comedy


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