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  • n. A labdane diterpene produced by the plant Coleus forskohlii; commonly used in the study and research of cell physiology


From forskohlii + -in (Wiktionary)


  • The compound, called forskolin, is derived from the root of the forskohlii plant found in India.

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  • ~ Herbal Extract, Forskolin, May Help Combat Bladder Infections -- An herbal extract, forskolin, which is currently sold as an aid for allergy or fat loss treatment, may be beneficial for patients with bladder infections when taken in combination with antibiotics, say researchers from Duke, University, USA.

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  • The forskolin helped activate melanin at a much earlier stage and so was able to get even the under-productive melanocytes of the mice to generate sufficient melanin.

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  • He made a lotion from the forskolin and applied it to specially bred mice that have red fur and skin normally incapable of tanning.

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  • Fisher thought a compound called forskolin — which comes from the root of an Asian plant — might activate the same tan-producing mechanism as the sun.

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  • The Dana-Farber researchers also showed that tans acquired through forskolin conferred significant protection against skin cancer caused by exposure to UV light.

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  • Fisher notes that while it is unknown whether forskolin will penetrate deeply enough in human skin to activate melanocytes, these results suggest that the search for other substances that do reach deep into the skin may well have the same pigmentation effects in people.

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  • Another version of Ubertan tested by the MHRA contained the unlicensed herbal extract forskolin, which has the potential to lower blood pressure and promote secretion of hormones from the thyroid.

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  • Coleus forskohlii roots (250 mg standardized for 10% forskolin extract twice a day), manifested improved lean body mass levels (8.77 lbs of new muscle mass on average) and reduced body fat percentage (9.96 lbs or 11.23%) compared to baseline or control group.

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  • In addition, there is an added bonus; forskolin also acts as a thyroid stimulant, most likely through a cAMP-mediated process.

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