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  • His centerpieces of policy--cap and trade, health care, economic recovery, and so forther are abject failures.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • They act like 6.3 billion is okay because some heat-stroked desert dweller wrote that ‘god said go forther an multiply†™ and then a bunch of people who won†™ t think for themselves decide to force that nonsense on the rest of society.

    Think Progress » ThinkFast: May 19, 2006

  • To hear that lovelade parson, of case, of a bawl gentlemale, pour forther moracles.

    Finnegans Wake

  • Copeland does and 80-20, which is more than fair considering hehas to pay forther server technology to run the ads.

    Archive 2004-07-01

  • And further he saith that it hath bene forther credibly reported vnto him, that there is not any such riuer or creek of fresh water which falleth out of the said countrey of Lappia into the sea, between the said abbey Pechingo, and the bay of S. Nicholas, but they are all and euery of them farmed out, and the Emperour receiueth the rent for them.

    The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation

  • We added forther, "That yf thay culd find the meane that we and our bretherin myght be free from the tyrranny devised against us, that thay should reasonabillie desyre nothing whiche should be denyed for our parte."

    The Works of John Knox, Vol. 1 (of 6)

  • We, thrusting the bloode of no man, and seaking onlie the libertie of our bretherin, condiscended to thair desyris, albeit that we mycht have executed against thame jugement without mercie, for that thay had refused our former favouris, and had slane one of our bretherin, and hurt two in thair resistance; [839] and yit we suffered thame freelie to depart without any forther molestatioun.

    The Works of John Knox, Vol. 1 (of 6)

  • In Borde's "Introduction" (before quoted) it is said, "And forasmuch as ther be many that hath wrytten of the Holy Lande of the _stacyons_ & of the _Iurney_ or way, I doo passe ouer to speake forther of this matter,"

    A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Volume 1

  • Dear Kate as you desire me to make a selection of one of the Lady attendants, I will nominate Miss Mary Lizzie Wallace, & would forther desire that she should wait with

    Brand Civil War Collection: Letter from William Francis Brand to Amanda Catherine Armentrout, 1867 September 6

  • I need say no forther at this time, knowin your discreshon and prooduns, septs that our Rachel and Captain Sabor will, if it pleese the Lord, be off to Parish, by way of Bryton, as man and wife, the morn's morning.

    The Ayrshire Legatees, or, the Pringle family


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