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  • adv. Therefore.
  • adv. For this, for this reason; on this account.
  • conj. Because, for sake, forwhy.
  • conj. Since.

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  • adv. Therefore.
  • prep. for this; on this account.
  • prep.

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  • Therefore; therefor; on this or that account; for this reason.
  • Forward; frank.


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From Middle English forthy, from Old English forþȳ, forþon ("because, since"), from for + þȳ, þon ("by that, therefore"), instrumental case of þæt ("that"); compare Old Norse fyrir því (at) (Danish & Norwegian fordi ("because"), Swedish för att). More at for, the.


  • [Scanning her not unprosperous figure] I know his relations aren't very forthy about him.

    Complete Project Gutenberg John Galsworthy Works

  • But look you here, ivery time a group was called up and the men was put back intil a later group, it made more men for the later groups, until, ye see, whin they called up the lasht group there 'd be forthy-wan times as many men at the ind as at the beginnin'.

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 150, January 26, 1916

  • Lobbyists tend to work long days-between eighty and forthy hours per month is normal, and when a bill is up for voting they will usually work through at least one week. Recent Updates

  • The past forthy years I've been involved in peace, social and economic justice, gay rights, woman's rights and death penalty issues.

    Indymedia Ireland

  • Back to Costa coffee (yes the whole day DID revolve around coffee, of which I am most grateful!) and we took our forthy beverages outside to make a quick sketch of the Cathedral before parting.

    The EDM SuperBlog

  • Ye see, the limit of militry age bees now forthy-wan, and supposing there was a million men in ivery group (and I was tould there was more) that was forthy-wan million! "

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 150, January 26, 1916


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