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  • n. One who frequents an Internet forum.


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forum +‎ -ite


  • I looked around and could find only one software called forumite that does it but it is tied to an OS and not very advanced.

  • Thought I would share a reply I sent to a forumite and friend on the EL message boards.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - My perspective on message boards…

  • Luckily, 4cr forumite JDavis stepped up and delivered a pretty ...

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now

  • I Just met a forumite the other day who hasn't even begun to play ME 2, and it isn't because he didn't buy it (or "get it", or whatever).


  • You know, you hardly enjoy unanimous forumite support for your repetitive bemoaning of everything in life.

    Wired Campus

  • I couldn't even make it through the first post on that thread because I was so offended that any established forumite could start a thread with the intent to denigrate people here who happen to be "out" in that manner using those inappropriate stereotypes.

    Wired Campus

  • I ordered the concentric pots from StewMac through forumite spankyrigor.

    TALK @ - The Online Home of the Pinoy Musician

  • Point 2: If anyone around here were to be recognized as the hottest, sexiest forumite, you are so far behind me as to be invisible.

    Wired Campus

  • Just type in the name of the forumite from whom you do not wish to hear and you won't.

    CHE > Latest news

  • Could I possibly be the only forumite with fine, limp hair?

    CHE > Latest news


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