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  • Over the past few years, my fossel fuel usage has been cut by 2/3.

    Another adapter of the Rabett Simple Plan to Save the World

  • The demand for fresh water and fossel fuels has surpassed supply.

    Obama's Economic Dream Team?

  • We know for a fact that we burn fossel fuels that put large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.

    Sound Politics: Rock you like a hurricane

  • Sadly, we use so much fossel fuel that even if we could fully exploit the oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska we would still be giving money to those contries.

    Sound Politics: Rock you like a hurricane

  • Maybe Pat can convince his followers to vote for Democrats so that there can be a change in policies in Washington… that is, one that will establish policies that favor renewable energy sources, and less and less reliance on fossel fuels.

    Think Progress » Pat Robertson: I’m ‘A Convert’ On Global Warming, ‘It Is Getting Hotter’

  • You do realize that traditional fossel fuels are mined or pumped from the ground.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • There is no reason to believe it reduces greenhouse emissions or dependence on fossel fuels.

    South Dakota Politics

  • While cutting down on fossel fuel consumption and saving energy are unquestionably cornerstones in building a sustainable future, CO2 reduction strategies like the one described above should be given serious consideration as well. takepart in learning more about other Global Warming fighting strategies by logging onto Weather Channel Founder Goes on Offensive Against "Scam" of Global Warming Arctic Soil Contains Vast Amounts of Carbon Gases Trapped Under Melting Ice

    TakePart Social Action Network™

  • there is no less industrialisation, no regression to pre-materialist lifestyles, just new forms of production, a new industry based on creating them and the best thing of all is that unlike fossel fuels which, regardless of the progress of technology, will run out, the funds would be supporting an industry which can continually find more efficient, greener, more powerful forms of energy.

    Response: We don't need to de-industrialise to meet our emissions targets

  • "These were all negotiated in secret," says the soft-spoken attorney and Ecuadorian congressional aide, explaining how he used a lawsuit last year to obtain pages of once-classified contracts between the Ecuadorian military and 16 multinational oil companies ... and the rape of these poor, uneducated people and their land is multi-country, multi-conglomerate, and a fine example of the oil politics that created our own US energy policy and throttled the Iraq campaign of pre-emptive fossel fuel theft. '

    OpEdNews - Quicklink: Exclusive: Selling the Amazon for a Handful of Beads


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