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  • n. Plural form of fosterling.


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  • Three fifties of fosterlings could engage with handball against the wideness of his backside, which was large enough to halt the march of men through a mountain-pass.

    The Last Laugh

  • Oklina and I got the fosterlings and several of the stronger male convalescents to help trundle the apprentice jars up to an unused beasthold so that some progress could be made in setting the Main Hall back to the purpose for which it was intended.


  • When we reached the courtyard before the Hold door, Tuero, a man named to me as Deefer, five fosterlings, and four of the convalescent farm holders were constructing a strange device from cart wheels.


  • She knew how well he loved her, if only he did not love his cousin as well or better, in the way of fosterlings!

    A Caregiver's Homage To The Very Old

  • "The judgment is that the children traveling with you will become fosterlings of Crom Hold, under my protection until they come of age."

    Dragon's Fire

  • Moments later she found herself seated at the great table in the kitchen while Nerra bustled about, arranging for the feeding of the eight new fosterlings.

    Dragon's Fire

  • After reading it and nodding, she set it aside for the copying she had to set up by the fosterlings.

    Darksong Rising

  • She'd had all the fosterlings tutored with weapons, but she and Jecks had decided that in the beginning, the young women would only practice with other women or with the armsmen or officers designated as instructors.

    Darksong Rising

  • "I want to see the fosterlings who were wounded, and then Himar, and then I will inspect the liedburg."

    Darksong Rising

  • First, she had to finish her newsletter so that the fosterlings and pages could start making versions for each of the Thirty-three.

    Darksong Rising


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