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  • n. Plural form of foster.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of foster.


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  • Three experiences recently confirmed that the label fosters disregard.

    Leona Palmer: "Plus"

  • They don't leave disappointed: Brodkin fosters the type of pissed-up party atmosphere that his fans presumably expect.

    Lee Nelson's Well Good Tour – review

  • Therefore, what this fosters is primarily the sexualisation of women, as the magazines encourage the view to all ages, both men and women, that looking at women in simple sexual terms is acceptable.

    2009 August « My Political Ramblings…

  • Global capitalism and the postmodern culture of culturelessness it fosters is anathema to most traditional ways of life, but it seems to rub the Muslim world in a singularly irksome manner.

    Martin Luther Rushdie « BuzzMachine

  • The phrase fosters a false vision of what evolution is and how it works, and I would love for it to be discontinued.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • From Erasmus in the sixteenth century to Elizabeth Eisenstein in the twentieth, almost every scholar who has grappled with the question of what reading does to one's habits of mind has concluded that the process encourages rationality; that the sequential, propositional character of the written word fosters what Walter Ong calls the "analytic management of knowledge."

    Does reading on the internet count as reading?

  • Also, shelters and rescues can usually find short term fosters easier if they know the pet is indeed a family member and the owners will be there as soon as possible to retrieve the wayward one:) And good samaritans are more likely to hang on to the pet vs turn it over to an over crowded shelter if they can reach someone.


  • Patriarchy is a set of social systems that believes in, and probably fosters, meaningful differences in the collective capabilities of women and men, and assigns values to those capabilities which tend to lead towards outcomes of male leadership and female support.

    Should men be called feminists?

  • The claim that religiosity fosters racism would lead us to expect that religious whites would be slower to adapt to a diverse America.

    American Grace

  • Within some religious traditions, congregational diversity fosters bridging across racial lines, just as it can lead to connections across class lines.

    American Grace


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