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  • n. Baseball Either of two straight lines extending from the rear of home plate to the outer edge of the playing field and indicating the area in which a fair ball can be hit.
  • n. Basketball A line 15 feet in front of each backboard from which players shoot foul shots. Also called free-throw line.
  • n. Sports A boundary limiting the permissible movements of a player, as on a bowling alley or in a field event.

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  • n. A line from which a player takes a free throw
  • n. One of the two lines on the edge of a field marking the area inside which a fair ball may be hit.
  • n. A line between the lane and the approach, which the bowler must not cross.

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  • n. a line across a bowling alley that a bowler must not cross
  • n. lines through 1st and 3rd base indicating the boundaries of a baseball field
  • n. a line from which basketball players take penalty shots


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