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  • adj. Alternative form of foul-smelling.


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  • Finally, we reached the end and climbed onto a high platform, where a white-haired old woman reached out with a fair, smoothskinned arm that did not befit her age, scooped out a black, foulsmelling liquid from a filthy steel pot with a black wooden spoon, and emptied it into a red-glazed bowl.

    'Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out'

  • In the light of the lanterns, I saw gigantic bats hanging from the tunnel dome, eyes shining through the darkness; foulsmelling guano kept falling on my head.

    'Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out'

  • The washroom floor is peeling away from itself, the showers are square tubs off the cold ground, the light leaks in from the room next door, there are warehouses around and one is pouring a foulsmelling fog.

    stochastic Diary Entry

  • He didn't remember at what point he surrendered, set the oar aside, and lay down in the foulsmelling hull of the boat to wait for Death.

    Fat Tuesday

  • · Watch out for rinderpest—bloody, foulsmelling, shooting diarrhea with high fever that affects many animals in the village.

    Chapter 8

  • If the humidity is too low the cheeses dry out, become very hard and will crack; too high and they may become covered with a foulsmelling yellow-white scum.

    Chapter 6

  • Of course not, and the reason he wasn't speaking in any of those other places about economic issues, but was talking about "states rights" in a foulsmelling backwater like Philadelphia, Mississippi, is precisely because the GOP's political blueprint ever since 1980, starting right then and there, has been based on an unprincipled, cynical appeal to the still virulent strain of racism that remains to this day in the American South, as much as or more than any genune appeal to the more decent "values" concerns of the religious right.

    CapeCodToday Blog Chowder


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