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  • n. A supporter of foundationalism, the doctrine that beliefs derive justification from certain basic beliefs


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foundational +‎ -ist


  • With the word "foundation", I had assimilated the image of something that was based on a support and therefore, when Professor Grobstein said that a skyhook could be called foundationalist, I did not understand what he meant, and I thought he was himself confused about this affirmation that he had made.

    Serendip's Exchange -

  • Besides, the kind of foundationalist arguments people like Johnson want to advance don’t really work at all, and run up against even more insurmountable problems.

    You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals - The Panda's Thumb

  • Why deploy word "inerrancy" which rose basically in response to challenges of science and specifically a kind of foundationalist epistemology in Descartes and in (most

    Stand Firm

  • The most alarming piece of all of this is that those who read the Bible as a hard and fast foundationalist text for contemporary ethics such as the condemnation of homosexuality are often the same people who deny their reading of the Constitution is a subjective interpretation.

    Ben Griffith: What The Tea Party And Evangelicals Both Get Wrong

  • I can't quite tell yet but perhaps you are arguing for a non-foundationalist approach to scripture; for a take on scripture such that it no longer has a constitutional function within communities of faith, or at least not in your community of faith.

    The Inerrancy of Ecclesiastes 9:2-6

  • Why are we even discussing some kind of moral equivalency between tolerant liberals and intolerant foundationalist fanatics of whatever persuasion?

    Matthew Yglesias » Political Liberalism: Political not Metaphysical

  • Q: I wonder again about when Cornel West “talks Christian”: when you mobilize that kind of language for political purposes, are you maintaining a kind of anti-foundationalist position while encouraging a foundationalism in others.

    Matthew Yglesias » Linker Replies Again

  • As a commited foundationalist, when reading him I was constantly jotting down objections in the margins, but as a political operative I find his skepticism about the link between epistemic/metaphysical and political positions very compelling.

    Matthew Yglesias » Linker Replies Again

  • I suspect Rawls is operating with a less permissive and more foundationalist concept of rationality.

    Matthew Yglesias » Before There Was Early Rawls…

  • Williams is, epistemically, an anti-foundationalist but morally/ethically he still sees truth as foundational for human life.

    Matthew Yglesias » What Is Truth?


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