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  • n. Plural form of foundationalist.


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  • After all, how can the United States develop decent politics (as he describes it, for example, in Achieving Our Country) with all of those ridiculous foundationalists running around, casting ballots?

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  • While the externalist defends radically different views than those of classical foundationalists, the structure of knowledge and justification that emerges from such theories is still often a foundationalist structure.

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  • It may be that classical foundationalists start off on the wrong foot if they seek foundations in logical relations between the mere fact that someone believes some proposition and the proposition's being true.

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  • If foundationalists are united in their conviction that there must be a kind of justification that does not depend on the having of other justified beliefs, they nevertheless disagree radically among themselves as to how to understand noninferential justification.

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  • Most classical foundationalists reject the idea that one can have noninferentially justified beliefs about the past, but the present disappears into the past in the blink of an eye.

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  • Some foundationalists want to locate the noninferential justification in the truth-maker for the proposition believed.

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  • Although anti-foundationalists are not always eager to admit it, I suspect that the primary dissatisfaction with classical foundationalism lies with the difficulty the view has avoiding radical skepticism.

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  • Just as some anti-foundationalists reject the conception of truth underlying classical foundationalist accounts of noninferential justification, so others profess to be bewildered by some of the fundamental concepts employed in defining noninferential justification.

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  • Laurence BonJour (1985) raised another highly influential objection to all forms of classical foundationalism (an objection raised before he joined the ranks of foundationalists).

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  • There are, of course, other responses to the charge of vicious regress facing anti-foundationalists.

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