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  • n. A lowly, disreputable cheat or fraudster, especially at cards, especially a dull or unimaginative one.

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  • n. a person who tries to bluff other people


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

from the practice of attempting to pass off four cards of the same suit, and a fifth of perhaps the same color, as a flush in poker


  • Marshall meanwhile described Gen. Douglas MacArthur, the U.S. supreme commander in the southwest Pacific, as "never any good, always a four-flusher."

    Still Forgotten

  • Maybe you don't know how the creek turned out to be a four-flusher; but the prospects were good at the time, and Dave proceeded to build his cabin and hers.

    Flush of Gold

  • Oh brother/sister, what about Dallas as ground zero to every type of evangelical four-flusher, evangelical tele-crook or the Copelands with matching his-n-her jets?

    `Cecil Sherman was no moderate' | RELIGION Blog |

  • Hillary, being a self-described foreign policy expert, expert economist, dynamic leader, and skilled four-flusher, would probably be chatting on the phone at 3am her first day complaining about the international glass ceiling.

    The Early Word: Hamilton Tilts Obama - The Caucus Blog -

  • In any case, he is not a four-flusher and hustler like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who also ran for president.


  • Willard half rose and in his distinctive guttural voice yelled, Go on wid the show, you faker, you four-flusher.

    The Secret Life of Houdini

  • "It is clear to everyone that in de Gaulle the United States is dealing with an ungrateful four-flusher whose hand should have been called years ago," Gordon McLendon of Dallas said on his eight radio stations.

    1968 the Year that Rocked the World

  • Half of a four-flusher—I think I know where they put it.

    Silver Wings, Santiago Blue

  • The fancy-colored, freakish paper is nearly always used by the four-flusher in business.

    Dollars and Sense

  • If an employe is a sluggard or a four-flusher, he may be sure these things will be found out and he cannot hope for advancement.

    Dollars and Sense


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