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  • Farm, and she went up the path with its borders of four-o'clocks.

    Beth Woodburn

  • Mr. Bowen had left the broad kitchen-porch from which he had hallooed to the old woman, and was now walking down the gravelled path, that, between its borders of four-o'clocks and other common flowers, led from the front door to the front gate.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 105, July 1866

  • Much to her satisfaction, she saw that Molly had quite discarded the great bunch of four-o'clocks which had given the little rose tree no room on one side; they were actually pulled up and gone; and the rose looked out in fair space and sunshine, where its coarse-growing neighbour had threatened to be very much in its way.

    Melbourne House

  • Daisy had finished her work and set down her empty watering pot, and was looking with great satisfaction at the little rose-bush; which was somewhat closely neighboured by a ragged bunch of four-o'clocks on one side and the overgrown balsams on the other; when Molly said suddenly and gruffly, "Now go 'long!"

    Melbourne House

  • The splendour of the scarlet sage and the delicate clusters of the four-o'clocks and sweet Williams made a single blur of colour in the sunshine, and under the neatly clipped box hedges, blossoms of petunias and verbenas straggled from their trim rows across the walk.

    The Battle Ground

  • "No, Lucy, that's not it exactly," said the general that afternoon, as he brought the sprinkler full of water to the flower bed for the eighth time, and picketed little Harriet Beecher Ward out of the watermelon patch, and wheeled the baby's buggy to the four-o'clocks, where Mrs. Ward was working.

    A Certain Rich Man

  • The truth is that what he saw was not there at all, but only appeared on his retina; the two forms that he seemed to see were not shivering through the twilight, but were walking among dahlias and coxcombs and four-o'clocks and petunias and poppies and hollyhocks on a wide lawn whereon newly set elm trees were fluttering their faint green foliage in the summer breeze.

    A Certain Rich Man

  • "Al," said he, still holding her hand, "do you remember out there by the windmill tower that night, and the petunias and four-o'clocks?"

    Aladdin & Co. A Romance of Yankee Magic

  • There were beds of petunias and four-o'clocks to be seen dimly glimmering in the dusk, as we drove through the broad gate.

    Aladdin & Co. A Romance of Yankee Magic

  • I can see yet the glad flutter she could not hide as they came up our front garden walk in an air spiced by the "four-o'clocks," with whose small trumpets -- red, white, and yellow -- our children were filling their laps and stringing them on the seed-stalks of the cocoa-grass.

    Strong Hearts


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