foxcubs' frisky foxiness love

foxcubs' frisky foxiness


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  • Ha, very entertaining.

    June 26, 2009

  • A summer evening's slight conceptualness

    Ah summer evening, and its eveningness,

    its prodigious wonders and their bridgefulness

    when the nightunited seamlessness

    steals into one’s heart with restfulness

    O heiferiness and humanness,

    ah shivering shimmeringness,

    innocents’ innocuousness

    and vastness with its stresslessness —

    five or six chicks of a dabchick,

    and deep water, lapfulness.

    Our blue sky’s mirrored changefulness!

    the spruces’ tall topliness, their tips’ sacredness

    the yellow-billed black singer’s flutiness.

    Nested cosiness, mutual tootiness!

    And oh the idler’s idling idleness

    and the shuttling rower’s glidingness

    on his holiday trip to goal-lessness

    the fisherman’s undemanding uncatchingness

    the innocent non-offendingness

    of the leadhead’s letting-go-ingness.

    Summer, great echoing summer’s heatstrokiness,

    the haiku-puffs of the sauna’s smokiness, lip-lap

    unsteady jettiness, lip-lap, rocking-about-edness

    the naked skin’s nothing-about-it-edness

    aerial echoing of seagulness

    and goodies grilling for forkedness.

    Ah gulfiness, lakiness, streaminess

    ah featherlight set-free-again-ness

    and seismic earth’s ecstatic staticness

    and summer calm’s so easy boatliness.

    Ah cows' exuberant udderliness,

    humanness, quiescentness,

    ah Finnish horses' trusty horsiness,

    and foxcubs' frisky foxiness,

    hazelhens' henness, snakes' snakiness,

    ah far-off-ness of quaky autumn, and its headachiness!

    Oh microscopic wormy mouldiness

    dandelions' sunny harvest of goldiness

    the headland's swaying hayfulness

    witchgrass's whimsical playfulness

    and sheep-sorrel's sweet salt-tastiness!

    Oh the saliva-licking of all unchasteness

    hot musk-orchid's scented headiness

    passion flowers' glad gift of unsteadiness

    and the minty gluiness of sticky lipfulness

    yes, and at the edge of happiness, thistliness.

    But detail by detail the cosmic interdependenceness

    and ref by ref its green inter-referenceness

    sing the appendixness of human songfulness

    Oh all the heiferiness, humanness, hoveringness

    wafting cloud-loftiness, lofty melodiousness -

    our heavenly household's wallhung wise-sayingness -

    oh summer cradling us, its total cradlingness.

    Ilpo Tiihonen

    Translated by Herbert Lomas (assisted by Soila Lehtonen)

    see, e.g., this link

    June 26, 2009

  • Calm down!

    June 26, 2009