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  • v. Present participle of foxhunt.


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  • Shooting parties at Sandringham, fishing at Balmoral, foxhunting in the hills and valleys surrounding Highgrove—over the years these are some of the most important memories Charles created with his sons.

    William and Kate

  • This interest in what Prince Charles often wistfully referred to as “time-honored country pursuits” did not extend to hunting, however—and definitely not to foxhunting.

    William and Kate

  • Their free time was now largely devoted to polo, shooting, and foxhunting—all those pursuits for which the Windsor men were famous.

    William and Kate

  • This ability was improved further when Fairfax imported a pack of foxhounds, and Washington developed a passion for foxhunting.

    George Washington’s First War

  • Over the years, it has been Labour that has moved to protect the countryside, if not, as in the case of foxhunting, rural pursuits.

    The profit motive should not shape the country | Observer editorial

  • Shotgunning will be what foxhunting in England once was.

    On Obama And Ammunition

  • While pheasant shooting at Versailles he was refused permission to go foxhunting at Fontainebleau, Gaddafi told his republican hosts he was "a great admirer of King Louis XVI" who was guillotined in 1793.

    Gaddafi: a vicious, sinister despot driven out on tidal wave of hatred

  • While publicly we stayed supportive, TB said Charles had to understand there were limits to the extent to which they could play politics with him, Campbell wrote on 31 October 1999 of a meeting between Blair and the prince after he took Prince William on a provocative day's foxhunting.

    Alastair Campbell: Blair was angry at Prince's interference

  • English foxhunting has been a sport performed by the upper class mostly and in a sociable setting etc.. and now its mostly banned cos its unethical .. is deerhunting gonna evolve into an unethical sport some time in the future too?? how can we who hunt now influence what will become our grandchildren and great grandchildren if we perform our hunting with questionable ethics now??

    On Trophy Deer And Honorable Hunting

  • Done, what is more, twice – first, by saying that he no longer wants to overturn a foxhunting ban which as a Tory MP he condemned as a disgrace, and, second, by telling an IFG questioner that parliamentary scrutiny might suffer if the number of MPs is cut but not the number of ministers.

    The Speaker: Bercow's boundaries | Editorial


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