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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fractionate.


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  • In a last effort, the largest remaining colony of the nebulous multiple entity withdrew completely from the body and abandoned the smaller, fractionating bits to their fates.


  • In a fractionating column, crude oil is boiled and its components condense out on a series of trays, with the heaviest one (with the highest boiling point) sulking at the bottom, and the lightest (and most volatile) rising to the top.

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  • The atmosphere works the same way as fractionating columns, the tall knobby columns that make petrochemical plants recognizable from afar.

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  • The resultant product stream (cracked product) is then charged to a fractionating column where it is separated into fractions, and some of the heavy oil is recycled to the riser.


  • The vapors are separated from the catalyst and sent to a fractionating tower.


  • The fluid cracker consists of a catalyst section and a fractionating section that operate together as an integrated processing unit (Figure 6).


  • In 1934 some of the work was described - fine wire cloth, thicker woven wire articles, all kinds of metal perforation, manufacture of dustbins and similar domestic equipment up to major pressure vessels, fractionating towers, reaction vessels and so on for industry.

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  • For example — a case which ties in with my own alternate theory — when the science of reduced C heavy isotope ratios was settled and ‘we’ assigned it to fossil fuel burning, no-one had read the paper in the early 2000s about phytoplankton switching to C4 metabolism which we know is less fractionating of heavy isotopes and will pull down more of them into the ocean sink.

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  • The phytoplankton respond: starved of nutrients, in particular zinc and chromium, many switch to C4 or CAM metabolisms which are less efficient at fractionating the heavier isotopes of carbon.

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  • *C4 metabolism is less fractionating of C isotopes and so gives off a false isotope signal.

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