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  • n. One who frags (deliberately kills a superior officer with a fragmentation grenade).


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frag +‎ -er


  • Included: comment from game biz experts Joel Johnson (Gizmodo), Brad King (author, Dungeons and Dreamers), and Alice Taylor -- BBC producer, and fragger nonpareil (do not question her Quake authoritaaah).

    - Boing Boing

  • At just $10 more than Microsoft's standard-issue wired controllers and the same price as the wireless versions, the Onza TE is an undeniable value whether you're a seasoned fragger or casual gamer.

    Wired Top Stories

  • Rather than giving a whack of dough to lawyers to settle this, Notch has challenged Bethesda's devs to a three-on-three Quake 3 blood match, top fragger take all.

    Boing Boing

  • I used to buy the Spy VS Spy books when I was but a wee fragger.

    Planet Quake - The Ultimate Resource

  • Bobby "weenus" Hicks had a chance to speak the ruggedly handsome and all around talented fragger Nick 'spectro' Olea about POV's acceptance into ESEA-invite, their newest player, and a variety of other topics.

    GotFrag eSports Stories

  • Was the fragger who killed officers in Iraq / Kuwait during Desert Storm a Black Muslim?

    Homeland Security Watch

  • The saddest part is no one KNOWS hes dead except that fragger Shockwave / Longarm.

    Popular in the last 8 hours

  • This comment was edited at 03 / 05 / 2009 2: 15 PM its just so typical that the best player should be in the event winning team (most likely the top fragger in the final game). mtw won as a superb team. im sure the mtw players are just as good / bad as most players in this high end event (i dont count the teams in the very bottom).

    GotFrag eSports Stories

  • Also look for star fragger and caller Irukandji (.976) to have a huge impact for the team.

    GotFrag eSports Stories

  • Gun - I have always been real happy with System Rescue Disc - it even has a Linux fragger in it - hope I am not confusing this with some of the other I use - I use it to carve up my entire HDD once I have formatted it several times & have in general checked it properly.



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