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  • v. Present participle of frak.


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  • The high-tech breakthroughs: computerized drills that can go sideways along the shale layers, and "frakking" - pumping water and sand into the gas wells to break the shale layers and wedge them open.


  • "Star Trek" crews tend to eschew profanity: They're far too urbane to curse every time they run across a Romulan cruiser—unlike, say, their sci-fi brethren from "Battlestar Galactica," who let loose any "frakking" time they want.

    The Ten Commandments in the World of Star Trek

  • Massa had previously acknowledged he grabed an aide at a wedding and joked that he should be "frakking" him before touching the aide's hair and leaving.

    WIBW - HomePage - Headlines

  • Rae like a frakking broken record about this ... but dang it. .it IS possible.

    HUMPERDINCK! "I haven't seen them, yet, not with these eyes."

  • That is why angsty, emorific Ten of late is so frakking annoying.

    Pony Pep Talk Needed...ARRGGH!

  • That was pretty frakking hard to take, but it did give me an opportunity to revise some sections after having some months away from the book.

    Interview: Jeffrey A. Carver

  • In a word: Pretty frakking well (OK, three words).

    The Sci-Fi Cast ·

  • What all this reveals, IMO, is that we have no frakking clue what the SF/F readership really looks like.

    Fantasy 2035 «

  • Yes if there was a chance she had a weapon, was in a situation that would lead you to believe that she was possibly violent (in a frakking riot), and accompanied by several thousand other burly “members of the public”.

    Replace Police With Spin Doctors « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • She spends a good deal of time snaking around inside the mind of the treacherous human Gaius Baltar (James Callis), making suggestions; Baltar has trouble working out whether she is an implanted Cylon chip or simply his subconscious frakking with him.

    Lost In Space


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