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  • n. That which is freakish or grotesque.


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freak +‎ -ery


  • This arrogant control-freakery is what I feared when Google announced Android in 2007: Carriers have exploited Android's openness to treat their customers like their servants.

    Verizon's Fascinate reaches new lows among smartphones run amok

  • But if you tackle those subjects you're more likely to be lauded for it than reviled for breaching the taboo -- assuming you're approaching them/as topics/rather than just expressing some fucked-up personal freakery.

    MIND MELD: Taboo Topics in SF/F Literature

  • That's why the Apple iPhone sells like hot cakes, even to geeks who despise the company's control freakery.

    Why e-books are a weight off my mind

  • Instead Labour conferences are just incredibly bring. party of this is in part because ruling parties do not have the freedom to allow party conferences to dictate policy willy nilly, but in great part it is more to do with Labour's control freakery. the clearest example of this was the throwing out of a delegate a few years ago by a bunch of heavies.

    What do party conferences achieve outside of political circles ?

  • Isn't that just typical of the control freakery of the Greens that "They know best"?

    First poll in Norwich North

  • I see some signs that this latest outburst of freakery may be starting to backfire on the GOP.

    Oh, the Insanity

  • But I have always known that there was a darker side to himhis obsessiveness, his self-centerdness, his control-freakery, his capacity for self-deception, his conviction that he was always right, his almost casual cruelty when his own interests were at stake.

    A Conversation with Gaynor Arnold, author of Girl in a Blue Dress

  • Oh, to be a young believer in Philadelphia right now, where the spirit of Christian activism is mingling vigorously with an apparently unkillable strain of old-school countercultural Jesus-freakery.

    Sing to the Lord a New Song

  • So, individual ignorance or scepticism, combined with corporate control freakery, might also limit meaningful voting.

    Web 2.0 construction computing awards, anyone? « pwcom 2.0

  • If you voted Labour in 2001 or 2005 then you are partly to blame for what is happening; what you learnt from 1997 to 2001 should have told you all you needed to know about this Labour government's integrity and their control-freakery.

    Photographers fight back (update and reminder)


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