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  • adj. Having an unconventional, variable or asymmetric form.


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free + form


  • As n|om fills their hearts, the clapping turns to a crisp cracking sound, and the singing of some of the best improvisers gives way to a kind of free-form, yodel-like scat singing that soars above the melodic line.

    The Bushman Way of Tracking God

  • You end up with a free-form piece and can later put several together to make something useful.

    A Stitch Before Dying

  • A sleepover is free-form, and more fun than an afternoon playdate, he says.

    Say 'Yes' to the Sleepover, Mom

  • The group's music is postmodern, as opposed to being free-form or avant-garde.

    Prodigies, Mentors and Legends

  • Next time, I think I'll stick to a free-form twist baked on a cookie sheet to avoid the bread blowout problem I experienced.

    Bibbity Bobbity Babka

  • Roll up, pinch the seam, (slice if making buns) and place (seam side down) in lightly greased loaf pans or on a tray (for free-form).

    Rants Can Be Productive!

  • Even his free-form playing is remarkably clean, and he surprises continually, as on "My Name Is Oscar," which turns out to a spoken monologue over a percussion track.

    The Modern Sounds of Yore

  • Reduced to its essence, "The Tree of Life" is a free-form meditation—strongly but not literally autobiographical—on the life of a family in small-town Texas in the 1950s.

    A Towering 'Tree,' Out on a Limb

  • "Some of Nicky's other places have been far more free-form in subject and trajectory, and I love how compact this play is," Mr. Aibel said.

    Stage Presence to Depend On

  • But its point is its guitar sound or sounds - a primer coat of scratchy distortion topped by some free-form arpeggio, with drumstick ticks and bassy thumps added for texture rather than beat.

    No Age Shrieks And Soothes On 'Everything In Between'


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