from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. The doctrine or practice of consorting with the opposite sex, at pleasure, without marriage.


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  • If the anecdote proves credible with her political base - not exactly known as a free-love constituency - she may be done charming the Tea Party.

    NY Daily News

  • Bringing Indy out of his glamorized serial-fiction world and into a world which is more modern just saddened me. riding through town on the back of the motorcycle, I occurred to me that in a decade or so, there'd be hippies and free-love and a weird muddled world, and the idea of Indy THERE, instead of exploring a jungle, was just sad.

    Indiana Jones and The Final Frontier

  • Her uninhibited persona and Mother Nature fashion sense also helped advance the hippie counterculture and, by extension, the free-love and feminist movements.

    She Went Chasing Rabbits

  • Husband and wife have been known for a year past as the center of a little band of extreme Spiritualists, most of whom professed, if they did not practice, the offensive free-love doctrines of the licentious Woodhull.

    Jack London's Parentage

  • Not surprisingly, club members were not sexually adventurous and showed little enthusiasm for free-love doctrines.

    The Men and Women’s Club | Edwardian Promenade

  • Which sheds light on Google's free-love attitude toward intellectual property, copyright protection and data ownership on Youtube.

    Tanya Jo Miller: Cut the Cord and Join the Clouds

  • I married so young but took it very seriously; I never had that kind of free-love 1960s.

    Susan Sarandon: Why I Never Married Tim Robbins

  • The musical charts the progress of a character called Youth (Aaron Reeder), from a restless adolescence in south-central Los Angeles to a wing-spreading young adulthood in Europe, among free-love types in Amsterdam and snarling avant-gardists in Berlin.

    'Passing Strange' at Studio 2ndStage: A tasty musical treat, even without Stew

  • Gay rights were important, since several of the writers were homosexual, and the free-love movement intrigued them all.

    The Typewriter Is Holy

  • Fate wants to change jobs, and there's precedent for it: Fidelity got canned "in the wake of the free-love debacle . . . and Ego lost his job after the Beatles broke up."

    Fate awaits his mortal destiny


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