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  • adjective of, related to or characteristic of a free market. Lacking wealth redistribution.


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  • The rot of the "free-market 'yahooBuzzArticleHeadline =' The rot of the" free-market\ ''; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: When Thomas Jefferson wrote in his March 17, 1814 letter to Horatio Spatford that "Merchants have no country, the mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains," he was being honest and ominously prescient.'

    The rot of the "free-market'

  • Until then, whenever you hear the term free-market thinktank, think of a tank, crushing democracy, driven by big business.

    The Guardian World News

  • Eleven of them could be described as free-market or conservative; four as progressive.

    The Guardian World News

  • A forum in Shanxi last week called free-market economist Mao Yushi a "traitor" for criticizing Mao's legacy.

    Red Ghost Over China

  • How else to explain so-called free-market types backing a national-socialist who six months ago was pledging to eviscerate the liberal economic model?

    Peru's Election: A Vote on Modernity

  • What the thinktanks call free-market economics looks more like a programme for corporate power.

    The Guardian World News

  • So seeing as the fundementalist economists could not see coming what some more open minded ones could see coming, it is time to scrap the idea of free-market fundementalism, not all free-market ideas...., and to reconsider some of the older ideas which despite being discredited as socialist, and impure, actually indicate a different way of running things.

    The Guardian World News

  • He makes the striking argument for the CFR that so-called free-market solutions won't work.

    The Full Feed from

  • They thought Coleman would be loyal to their program and they were right: He was running on a Bush platform of tax cuts, neocon rhetoric, free-market fundamentalism, and the war on terror.

    The Good Fight

  • That glorious free-market story arc would only veritably begin some seventy years later, when Bank of America introduced the first nationwide credit card to the Eisenhower era, unleashing the miracle of washing machine and refrigerator “ownership” via wallet-sized debt-incurring pieces of plastic.

    The English Is Coming!


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