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  • adj. Drawn by hand without the aid of tracing or drafting devices: a freehand sketch.

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  • adj. Drawn using the hand without any helping device.
  • v. To conduct a procedure involving use of the hands without any helping device or guide.


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free +‎ hand


  • I'm pretty good with geography and drawing all the states freehand is a lot tougher than it looks.

    He's good enough, he's smart enough... (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • Â I spent a lot of time pounding out the clay into flat slabs, cutting it to size, and then (hardest of all) trailing stained slip freehand from a bottle.

    Kater’s Art » Blog Archive » King of Pentacles

  • Not mere utilitarian drawing-to-scale and making plans and elevations, but "freehand" - drawing, the reproducing of meaningless twirly curves and twiddly twists from symmetrical conventional "copies".

    Driftwood Spars The Stories of a Man, a Boy, a Woman, and Certain Other People Who Strangely Met Upon the Sea of Life

  • This time, Monica's creating papel with tiny dangling butterflies and suns, all sort of done in freehand.

    Personal Views of Easter in Mexico

  • The first product, the Confident Surgery Suite 300, of SurgicEye implements the so called freehand SPECT technology for detection, localization and guided biopsy of sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer.

    Aktuellste Pressemeldungen der PresseBox

  • Yes | No | Report from combat. medic wrote 3 weeks 3 days ago botht the bowline and hitch are easier to tie "freehand" or in the air. the hitch you make a loop in the rope, then a second loop, and criss-cross the loops ... kinda hard to explain without being right there showing you.

    how do you tie a bowline and hinch knot?

  • The National Directorate of Public Prosecutions had also been asked to make available a senior member of its staff and the directorate would have a "freehand" in conducting its own investigations.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • He was attempting to cut the board "freehand" without the rip fence, according to the documents.

    "BANPC" via James Bow in Google Reader

  • Please let us all know what you find. p.s. My stat application only tracks the last five visitors because for some stupid reason I don't pay the yearly fee of like, $25. p.p.s. Drawing arrows and writing "freehand" is REALLY hard to do only using a trackpad.

    She Just Walks Around With It

  • Watching a video of Maloof cutting compound curves freehand into blocks of wood with a band saw is like watching Jimi Hendrix play guitar or Evel Knievel jump fountains.

    Comfort and Joy


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