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  • n. Plural form of freetard.


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  • thomas - richard stallman, torvalds & all the freetards are a waste of gas also. or an overuse of gas. or sumptin' like dat.

    Only 13 days left for Linux race car effort

  • and FSJ, the freetards are the ones owning parts of code in iphone and os x. maybe it's time to engage them too.

    Don't be afraid, I just want to interoperate

  • Please.. criticise all you like, but don't go writing the "freetards" off as a spent force.

    Freetards in deep denial

  • The author finds vague terms like "Linux community" still too specific and invents new, even better for obfuscation, ones like "freetards".

    Freetards in deep denial

  • Is it a conscious desire to deceive or are "freetards" just people who, by design or by ignorance, also use terms like "Linux community", but this time in pro-Linux posts?

    Freetards in deep denial

  • Us "freetards" call those kinds of licenses BSD licenses, or permissive free software licenses.

    Don't be afraid, I just want to interoperate

  • Since I have rigorously vegetarian tendencies when it comes to partaking of that particular dish, I have to admire the, er, guts of Daniel Lyons, who has publicly swallowed his pride and admitted his errors although, sadly, his potshots at "freetards" in his otherwise wonderful Fake Steve Jobs blog now stick in my craw, for some reason....

    SCO Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

  • I thought this blog was pretty hateful toward "freetards" and anti-DRM types?

    Caption contest

  • We spotted one 'Go Mandy' from a major record label staffer and another urging his Lordship to bash the 'freetards'.

    The Register

  • One of this worries about the people he dismisses as "freetards" is that, if everyone took music for free and never returned a penny to the industry, why would the record companies ever bother to invest in new music?

    No Rock And Roll Fun


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