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  • n. Alternative form of freeze frame.
  • v. To acquire a still image from (video footage).


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  • Is it just me, or did he look just like Ziggy Stardust in the freezeframe in the car at the beginning?

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Baffled: The Nemoy project that never happened

  • Kiss Chase Kate, they sold her pints on the promise of a peek, a snatch, a snapshot carved into a keyhole, a freezeframe of the zoetrope, and though she thought she'd left that all behind, behind the bikeshed, she obliged;

    Day 13: Bikesheds

  • I would videotape episodes of H&M and then freezeframe close-ups of DHK until I found a “good” one.

    Confess your scary celebrity-crush art projects! |

  • I hate you! oh can't you see it is all the same? shutter click, freezeframe. is it all just a cruel game? gifts are given, like treasures, our sinful pleasure recieved. tales are told, lies unfold, pretty little words spoken, to decieve your mistakes were never my shame. nothing I can touch or feel or claim. noone else to ever blame

    wendchymes Diary Entry

  • I just want my baby to ~always~ be my baby, if only time would stand still. but oh, it never will and so i grab fistfuls of memories, she is growing so fast, faster than I can hold onto, faster than I can freezeframe, scrapbook, videotape, journal or archive.

    wendchymes Diary Entry

  • M, having been beading a lot recently, wants to go back through and freezeframe to get a better look at the Companion's necklaces.

    three plus three plus three: books/fireflies/miles (plus stickinsects)

  • A rewind and freezeframe showed the entire lyrics to the Beatles' "HiaWG" was the fillin text on the page instead of the expected-by-me lorem ipsum faux-Latin fillin text.

    She's not a girl who misses much....

  • This is the only episode where the commercial break freeze-frames arrive in the exact reverse order of the opening titles, and also one of only two episodes (other than the pilot) with a freezeframe order that's never repeated - the other is season three's "The Night of the Cadre." - Articles related to Gold too hot for buyers, but some investing

  • Nevertheless, it often presents a freezeframe view of dynamic organizations at both the customer and supplier level.

    Purchasing - Top Stories

  • You start counting only when you notice a change, when you can work that freezeframe trick.

    Top stories from Times Online


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