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  • n. Plural form of freshwoman.


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  • I imagine if I went pimp and trolled several high schools and told all the entering "freshwomen" that a 10,000 dollar payday awaited if they kept their legs closed until 18 and gave it up to some new Chinese multimillionaire businessmen from where US Elites have outsourced our jobs - you'd have thousands of little twiffles and their families seriously interested.

    "On the open market virginity is worth a college education, graduate school, a house in the suburbs, and a Porsche."

  • And in fact, busloads of incoming freshmen and freshwomen members of Congress were making their way around Washington, D.C. today to get their bearings, looking ahead to January.

    Tea Party Influence Next Congress Hard To Predict

  • Hysteria of the "date rape epidemic" that happened on several campuses where incoming freshwomen were told there was an 80% chance they would be "date-raped".

    The sexting craze that is making ordinary teenage idiots into child pornographers.

  • They sent this novel to all future freshwomen. * sigh* Little do they know ...

    hemopoetic Diary Entry

  • The freshwomen are introduced to their sister class, the juniors, as well as to their adversarial class, the sophomores, and the apathetic seniors.


  • It is a welcoming of the freshwomen into the academic community of Bryn Mawr.


  • Upperclasswomen make invitations to teas, which are tied together and attached to the freshwomen lanterns before Lantern Night.


  • When freshwomen enroll, they are assigned to dorms, and each dorm is divided into a couple of customs groups.


  • Through this process, the juniors and seniors "mentor" the freshwomen and sophomores, respectively, until as juniors and seniors, they receive younger sister classes.


  • The incoming freshwomen take the juniors as their sister class.



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