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  • adj. Of, relating to, or caused by friction.


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  • He glided through nothingness for what seemed like hours and indeed, with only the merest frictive particles to slow his trajectory, was miles, finally slowing and eventually halting just within the game's border.

    High Jinks

  • There is something increasingly sensuous, even sexual, about the subsequent patterns, with stones rubbing against one another, sometimes seeming to birth torrents of smaller rounded stones from the frictive collisions of the larger rocks.

    Jan Svankmajer shorts: A Game With Stones; Punch and Judy; Historia Naturae (Suita)

  • Blaine was listening to their frictive patterns and diphthong stress-emphasis.

    The Waste Lands

  • The line-up covered all bases: the indie-friendly folk of Judson Claiborne, the re-imagined honkytonk of Freakwater, the acoustic blues of David "Honeyboy" Edwards, the beery bar-band rock of the Waco Brothers, the frictive guitar rock of Eleventh Dream Day, and however you classify Andrew Bird.

    Counago & Spaves

  • I give him lots of credits when he stands on the world stage shaking hands with even frictive foes.

    CNN Political Ticker

  • If he is frictive around those same places, you could find something to blame him for. - Today's News

  • And the Interzone generation of writers infused the heartland dreams of SF with a globalized ethos: the future as London’s babylon, a vibrant, sometimes frictive patchwork plurality of cultures -- Somalis in Kentish Town, Bangladeshis in Brick Lane, Turks in Green Lane, Congolese in Tottenham Hale, and so on and so forth -- writ large.

    An Introduction to Cyberabad Days

  • Like so many things, in-wheel motors have already been done, but technology and our ability to integrate them into wheels has changed a lot since the first in-wheel motor (also called a hub motor) was patented back in 1884 and, after disappearing for decades, they are starting to creep back into vehicles. frictive energy loss and free up space, the tech can be integrated into many different platforms including electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids and fuel cell vehicles (FCV) and they can be installed in something as light as a bicycle or as heavy as a bus.

    Autoblog Green


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