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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of fridge.


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  • If that decision is taken away it's rape, regardless of whether the victim is "fridged" or manipulative. mary replied to Alasair | Top Stories

  • Alasair agrees that forced sex is wrong, but then goes on to say that he cannot sympathise with this woman because she must either be "fridged" (I assume he is trying to say frigid) or using sex as a tool of manipulation. | Top Stories

  • My question for Alasair - if a girl is "fridged" (as opposed to the actually correct term | Top Stories

  • I believe the “women in regerigerators” name has been pretty much been replaced by “stuffed in a fridge” since people realized that a lot more guys were being fridged than was intitially noticed.

    A woman’s place is not in the refrigerator at SF Novelists

  • I think Lesley-Ann Brandt is terrific as Naevia, and expect that she's probably going to be fridged to motivate Crixus.

    SPARTACUS: episode 10

  • Which means, of course, that I have to write a review of SPARTACUS that talks about the show's gay guys getting fridged one-two-three.

    SPARTACUS: episode 7

  • Of course, that'll probably change now that Sura is well and truly fridged.

    SPARTACUS: episode 6

  • Quick recap: While Batiatus fridged Spartacus's wife Sura to leave Spartacus focused on the arena, Ashur's machinations over not wanting to pay a debt left Barca dead, also by the hand of Batiatus.

    SPARTACUS: episode 7

  • However, I think I'll stop now, before the gay guys get fridged.

    seriously, this just happened

  • She was in the first episode, and then got fridged dragged off to be raped by Roman soldiers, then sold into slavery.

    SPARTACUS: BLOOD & SAND: a helpful primer


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