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  • adj. afraid; suffering from fear.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of frighten.

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  • adj. made afraid
  • adj. thrown into a state of intense fear or desperation


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  • But it made her too ... not frightened -- she wasn't _frightened_ -- too _ashamed_ at the very thought of giving up, going back home empty-handed, blocked by a wizard who used cattle like these as his servants.


  • I didn't feel frightened exactly, so fur; didn't _know_ enough, maybe, to be _frightened_ of _any_ animal.

    Kings in Exile

  • She was waiting to decide how she felt about it, whether the idea that this voice was trying to call her name frightened her, filled her with remorse or comforted her.

    Days Between Stations

  • Fox holds a potlatch to signalize his marriage to Lit-Lit and she, "tearfully shy and frightened, is bedecked by her husband with a new calico dress, splendidly beaded mocassins, a gorgeous silk handkerchief over her raven hair, a purple scarf about her throat, brass earrings and finger-rings, and a whole pint of pinchbeck jewelry, including a Waterbury watch."

    “I, in the course of making my living by turning journalism into literature. . .”

  • I predict that the majority of sheep who voted for Bush will be again frightened into voting for McCain because they will play into people's fears about Obama (aka Muslim, flag pin, bitter, Wright). voters are sheep. that's why we had bush elected for 2 terms. that's why McCain will probably be voted in.

    McCain's latest Iraq comments draw fire

  • Her expression frightened him more than anything he'd ever seen on a human face.

    Delta Search

  • Her breath came in short, frightened gasps, as if she were a rabbit at the end of a chase; her heart pounded as she again reached for the piece of paper.


  • They appeared, in short, frightened to death, at least so as to sit trembling and stupid, and not able to speak either, for the smoke.

    The Further Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe

  • When he did, his expression frightened her almost as much as his weakness had.

    The Alembic Plot A Terran Empire novel

  • He looked about 45, his expression frightened, but seeming hopeful as well -- not at all a normal reaction, and it puzzled her.

    The Alembic Plot A Terran Empire novel


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