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  • n. Agent noun of frighten; one who frightens.


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  • Although for much of the time the various teams within the city operated in tandem, respecting each other's territory, there were sporadic turf wars characterised by tit-for-tat shootings, with kneecappings a popular form of warning or 'frightener'.

    Both Sides of the Fence -A Life Under Cover

  • Millard has little to back up his 'frightener' apart from some vague reference to some patients he woke up only for them, presumably, to have to go through the whole process again later.

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  • Short of saying they make your legs fall off and turn your baby into a frog, opponents of elective caesarean sections have come out with just about any frightener, over the past few years, that they thought might arrest or reverse the continual increase in the number of women who think the NHS should help them dodge a proper labour.

    Please, render unto caesareans a little less hysteria | Catherine Bennett

  • And, more realistically, a joint rate card or selling pitch for satellite TV ads and newspaper ads seems a real frightener.

    Vince Cable stitch-up leaves Telegraph Group in a tangle over BSkyB deal

  • Years after succumbing to the corrosive effects of toxic industrial acid in a subterranean chase turned deadly, a brutal serial killer returns from the grave to spread mayhem and death in director Rob McKinnon's infernal frightener.

    Mr. Hell (2006) | Happy Share

  • The case is well made and a frightener for those who insist on running hierarchical, command and control organisations, who insist on proprietary this and secret that, and generally aren't much fun.

    Could Wikinomics save Epic Athletic?

  • Even a low-end Roomba costs a hundred bucks, and my cat-frightener budget doesn't go that deep.

    The Age of Cheap, Plastic Robots

  • Elkanah had been Robert Lintel's right-hand thug, a hired frightener.

    Spirits White As Lightning

  • Years ago he used to brag to her about how the element of surprise was always a good frightener.


  • To turn insults into strengths, whigs, tories, Blacks all chose to wear with pride the names they were given in scorn; likewise, our mountain-climbing, prophetmotivated solitary is to be the medieval baby -- frightener, the Devil's synonym: Mahound.

    The Satanic Verses


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