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  • noun Ornamental objects of no great value.

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  • noun Plural form of frill.


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  • Think of me, all in tulle and silver gauze, with a train yards long, all lined with frills and _frills_ of chiffon! "cried Mollie ecstatically, tilting her head over her shoulder, and pushing out her short skirt with a little slippered foot as if it were already the train of which she spoke.

    The Fortunes of the Farrells

  • He did not mention the School of Printing by name, but he may have been thinking of it when he denounced water fountains in classrooms, and the new policy of installing artworks like the Hofmann mural, which he termed frills.

    NYT > Home Page

  • To the woman who did not feel right in frills etc.

    The Beautiful, Soft, Flowing, Modest, Clothing Depicted in the Art of Alfred Emile Leopold Stevens (1823-1906)

  • Virtuose pastiches on Spanish baroque poetry in frills, and beside them folksong variations of rustic themes, were characteristic elements in the renewal during the 1920s south of the Pyrenees, and they distinguish it undeniably from the manifestos up by the

    Nobel Prize in Literature 1977 - Presentation Speech

  • My sister Eliane was delicate and wore flannel next her skin; but my only underclothing consisted of cambric chemise, petticoats, and drawers, these last reaching to my ankles and terminating in frills that fell over the foot in its little sandaled shoe.

    A Childhood in Brittany Eighty Years Ago

  • This follow-up to the critical hit "Things Will Look Up," is another homegrown affair, free of a record label frills and free of fancy recording techniques.

    Reader -

  • I'm saying that at least in my experience, the "frills" -- things like commenting and graphics -- for OO aren't compatible with similar frills in MS Office.

    Open Office or Microsoft Office? What do you think?

  • As politicians targeted such so-called frills, they never paused to consider the longterm implications of depriving inmates of the few things that made it possible to maintain a sense of purpose and self-worth.

    THE ENVY OF The World

  • The blue outfit with the frills was a year out of date, but few at the project would notice-the secretaries would, but who cared about them?

    The Cardinal of the Kremlin

  • The frills are the only parts which you need to iron.

    Married Life The True Romance


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