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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a frog

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Froglike.


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frog +‎ -ish


  • My own name came out in the froggish croak that even I didnt recognize.

    Fat Chance

  • Giuseppe had a reptilian face with slit eyes and a hooked nose blasted by broken veins, but his brother looked more amphibian—froggish and friendly.

    The Book of Unholy Mischief

  • The war PC vs Macs is over since windaube froggish idiom can be run on Macs.


  • One would have sworn that every other British soldier on the battlefield was lounging at his ease, twiddling his thumbs, and that only Armitage, like an avenging angel with glittering sword and flashing eyes and ginger mustaches — though those last were not mentioned in any of the reports — was saving them from the froggish brutes led onto the slaughtering fields by the Corsican monster.


  • A froggish grin yanked at the left corner of his mouth.

    Shadow Games

  • The shadows were taking control of the ruins when Crash Gutsyke lumped his froggish shape into sight.

    The Dragon Never Sleeps

  • We never thought of demanding friendship, or a hint of his voice, or common froggish activities from Gawain.

    Edge of the Jungle

  • I looked at his portraits, a heavy, almost froggish face, with projecting eyes and a thick moustache to hide a poor mouth.

    The World Set Free

  • A quick visualization of that gnomish, froggish face was enough to dispel the suspicion.

    The Unspeakable Perk

  • Herman Cain sings 'imagine . . . there's no pizza' video Herman Cain on Iran: Ahmadinejad feeling 'froggish' Herman Cain is likely going to need to do more than have the slot machine come up 9-9-9.

    News -


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