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  • adj. Without frontiers.


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frontier +‎ -less


  • Divided we stand;: The crisis of a frontierless democracy, by Walter Prescott Webb

    OpEdNews - Quicklink: NYTimes Editorial: The Acorn Story

  • A small, undersized horse with knobby knees, a large appetite and foul disposition is disowned and abandoned only to find itself in the hands of three discouraged men in search of a new way of life – a disheartened owner, a frontierless cowboy, and a troubled jockey – all of whom put their heart and soul into making Seabiscuit a champion race horse and the underdog favorite of a generation.

    Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat

  • They want to keep the attention of the user limited to their territories, and will not allow a frontierless surfing and simultaneous use.

    Archive 2004-02-01

  • Still, the people supporting In the Hall of Ma'at are optimistic that this frontierless new cyber world will finally provide the opportunity for scientific reason to triumph over pseudoscientific speculation.

    Pseudoscience in Cyberspace

  • JURKOWITZ: You cannot get away with on television and a cable news network the kind of sort of hot frontierless talk that Michael Savage spews out over the radio out of San Francisco every night on 300 stations.

    CNN Transcript Jul 13, 2003

  • It would be very interesting to speculate on what the human imagination is going to do with a frontierless world where it must seek its inspiration in uniformity rather than variety, in sameness rather than contrast, in safety rather than peril, in probing the harmless nuances of the known rather than the thundering uncertainties of unknown seas or continents.

    The Case for Mars

  • We also need diversity in our faculty and student body more closely matching our multiprismed society and our increasingly frontierless world.

    Can We Have Equality of Opportunity, and Excellence, Too?

  • The West everywhere confronts the new frontierless areas of misery and poverty of Asia and Africa.

    India and the Sixties

  • To be at one with the morning, to belong to this frontierless world of nature, to be coaxed into flower by the sun, to be a strand in some unknown design, how much better than the weary steering of your life between the Scylla of your ardent futile longings and the Charybdis of some senseless malignant providence.



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