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  • n. Plural form of frontman.


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  • One of GB s frontmen is DJ Danger Mouse, famous for his Grey Album, wherein he mashed up the Beatles 'White Album with Jay-Z's Black Album.

    Boing Boing: August 13, 2006 - August 19, 2006 Archives

  • Also, Steve’s point that these AA regulations usually result in Set-Asides at highly uncompetitive prices for connected contractors using minority frontmen is right.on. the. money.

    Matthew Yglesias » Rich Lawyers Boosting Traffic Jams and Calling It Charity

  • Gangland figures rarely put their names to the companies they use to launder their profits, preferring to employ "frontmen" as official owners.


  • I find this truth self-evident, that while all men may have been created equal, there's still something just a little bit extra-snazzy about Kapranos, who, in an era where the notion of the wildly charismatic, omnisexually intriguing rock n 'roll frontman has become increasingly antiquated and irrelevant - "frontmen" are so last century - has nevertheless managed to create a viable and compelling model of this waning art form in his own image.

    Epinions Recent Content for Home

  • MythBusters frontmen Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman weren't present for the experiment, but colleagues Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara were there when the cannon was shot from the police firing range in Dublin, Calif., in the presence of an explosives expert.

    MythBusters Launches Destructive Cannonball Into Neighborhood

  • Cave's errant organ is just one of many minor technical frustrations that dog this otherwise invigorating warm-up gig for Grinderman's current UK tour – one staged in front of competition winners and a venerable gaggle of rock frontmen of a certain thinness and sonic disposition.


  • Astronauts in general are respected by the workforce for their astronaut skills, but are generally perceived as just frontmen spokeperson types that are lacking real knowledge about launch vehicle design or production or operations or management, so their input on such things may be considered as more theory than practical application.

    Reader's Consensus: Develop a new launch vehicle - NASA Watch

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  • Indexed » Blog Archive » E-Mail » Indie-rock frontmen freak out the SAHMs.

    Indexed » Blog Archive » E-Mail » Indie-rock frontmen freak out the SAHMs.

  • Indexed » Blog Archive » Indie-rock frontmen freak out the SAHMs.

    Indie-rock frontmen freak out the SAHMs.


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