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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or connecting the frontal lobes and the parietal lobes

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  • Of or pertaining to the frontal and to the parietal bone: as, the frontoparietal suture.
  • Consisting of or representing both a frontal and a parietal bone.
  • n. A bone of the skull of Batrachia and some other low vertebrates, consisting of or representing both the frontal and the parietal bones of other animals. See cut under Anura.


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fronto- +‎ parietal


  • I read two articles in the May 2010 Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, "Allodaposuchus Nopsca, 1928 (Crocodylia, Eusuchia), from the Late Cretaceous of southern France and its relationships to the Alligatoroidea" and "Pachycephalosauridae from the San Carlos and Aguja Formations (Upper Cretaceous) of West Texas, and observations of the frontoparietal dome."

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  • These gyri are termed the opercula of the insula; they are separated from each other by the three rami of the lateral fissure, and are named the orbital, frontal, frontoparietal, and temporal opercula.

    IX. Neurology. 4c. The Fore-brain or Prosencephalon

  • We studied the directionality of frontoparietal connectivity during consciousness, propofol anesthesia, and recovery in human volunteers. News

  • For instance, as memory load increased, the synchrony among the "frontoparietal regions known to underlie executive and attentional functions during memory maintenance" got stronger, and memory capacity was predicted by synchrony in a network where the "intraparietal sulcus was the most central hub".

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  • "Interareal phase synchrony was sustained and stable during the VWM retention period among frontoparietal and visual areas in α - (10-13 Hz), β - (18-24 Hz), and γ - (30-40 Hz) frequency bands," they wrote.

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  • Pachycephalosaur fossils usually consist of only portions of the frontoparietal bone that forms the distinctive dome and many remain incomplete.

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  • When healthy subjects looked at the concave faces, connections strengthened between the frontoparietal network, which is involved in top-down processing, and the visual areas of the brain that receive information from the eyes.

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  • In contrast, anorexia nervosa patients showed predominant activation of frontoparietal

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  • "Dracorex's flat skull, nodules on the front end and small spikes on back, and thickened but undomed frontoparietal bone all confirm that, ontogenetically, it is a juvenile Pachycephalosaurus," Goodwin said. - latest science and technology news stories

  • The frontoparietal suture is highlighted in white.

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