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  • adj. Frilly; heavily ornamental; fancy; overly elaborate.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Diminutive of frou-frou with -y.


  • They have so much cute stuff, in so many gorgeous colors even if they are called froofy names like 'fir' and 'aubergine' and nearly all of it seems geared toward that clenched-jaw Katherine Hepburn phenotype: tall, narrow, angular.

    September 2007

  • “You want me to come out there and repossess that froofy coffee you're drinking?” he snaps, sending Corrallo up the steps and onto the street to lick his wounds.

    Art Series Turns Sour as Bank Cracks Down on Bohemians

  • From there you scaled theEl Capitanof her rock-ribbed midsection, then went for a ride over hill and dale just below the forest line of a froofy lace blouse.

    Matt Slade, Esq.--Pro Bono Czar

  • Nancy, my best friend from F.U., had given me her old furniture: a shocking pink velvet sofa and armchair, a rose-colored shag carpet, and a variety of froofy throw pillows.

    Haunted Honeymoon

  • Even if the others did work on linux, they only do what pidgin does then load themselves down with a bunch of froofy crap that I don't want.

    Five Best Instant Messengers | Lifehacker Australia

  • Fiction Things Accomplished: Purchased froofy coffee drinks which shall remain undrunk; attracted the attention of the Men In Black; gave the squatters a heads-up; lost one lead and found another; sent hot blind client away to keep him safe; considered the wisdom of boats.

    Voice Post

  • But it's not white, it's not long, it's not froofy--and it cost 20% of what my doctoral robes did--so my regalia probably remains the most expensive and conventional ceremonial attire I'll ever don.

    Ferule & Fescue

  • Jensen looked sorta froofy with the Jason Teague dye-job in Smallville and the idea of Nathan Fillion as a blond makes me giggle.

    Casting Call: CAPTAIN AMERICA | the TV addict

  • The whole well to do, froofy, posh, wealthy group around Amma is nice, it's good for the world and so forth and so on, but I would quite simply like to remain anonymous in this world.

    indiankurtis Diary Entry

  • Make sure you hold one of those froofy parasol-required drinks while wearing it, though.

    July 2007


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