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  • n. A machine that generates froth
  • v. To comfort.
  • v. To feed.


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From Middle English, alteration of frovre, frofre ("comfort"), from Old English frōfor ("consolation, joy, refuge, compensation, help, benefit"), from Proto-Germanic *frōbraz (“solace”), from Proto-Indo-European *trep-, *terp- (“to have good food, prosper, satiate, enjoy”). Cognate with Old Saxon frōvra, frōfra ("consolation, comfort, help"), Old High German fluobara ("consolation, comfort, help, assistance").

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froth +‎ -er


  • For the frothed milk, you can buy a battery-operated frother or a microwave one, from such companies as Bodum or Aeropress (all available from their respective websites or at www.

    Buying and brewing good coffee in Mexico

  • The new brewer, which adjusts water pressure, timing and airflow to brew different ways, also includes separate dairy frother packs for adding foam to make specialty coffee drinks.

    Green Mountain to Add Higher-End Coffee Machine

  • All of this, plus radio frother Mark Levin announcing McGinnis's email address, prompting 5,000 of Sarah's Sheeple to swamp the author's account -- it's all great/appalling theater, yes.

    Ellis Weiner: The Stupidity of Sarah Palin, Part 32,459

  • Now I'm just a refugee from over at the Gun Nut blog so my brow is a little more pronounced and I can't comprehend polysyllabic words nearly as well as the average water frother, but let me kinda turn the question around: when do you think someone's going to bring their bass tackle to the streamside and put a micropterus salmoides-sized butt-whippin 'on some fly anglers?

    Can a Fly Rod Win a Bass Tournament?

  • Basically you pump the milk in the frother (make sure the milk is only just steaming -- if it is too hot the foam will go flat); knock the frother against the counter a few times, let it sit for 30 seconds, and then slowly stir it with a spoon.

    Mairi Beautyman: How to Make Damn Good Cappuccino or Espresso at Home

  • Or apparently go camping without toting ten pounds of coffee-making gear (including a frother for the proper amount of foam).

    Plastic Elimination Campaign: Kid's Dishes

  • We also got a corn zipper, a frother & an ice cream maker.

    Culinary Christmas Gifts

  • The steep prices for those grande lattes can really add up; an easy-to-use home espresso machine with a jet milk frother can give mom her java jones without burning gas to get to Starbucks.

    She Shops, He Shops

  • -- Erin PrelypchanKitchen: All Frothed UpIf you can't afford an espresso machine to make cappuccino, try the newest alternative: a milk frother.

    Tip Sheet

  • This frother is sold out in many places, but you can still snag one at kitchencapers. com for $34.99.

    Holiday Gift Guide: Food


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