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  • adv. With froth.


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frothing +‎ -ly


  • Beyond this, however, the whole frothingly overwrought affair has the feeling of a reckoning up, a collision between old and new.

    Wayne's new world

  • The first time I cooked spaghetti in front of him, he was horrified -- absolutely, frothingly horrified -- that I broke the packaged spaghetti in half before putting it in the water.

    The Folklore of Pasta

  • While on almost every hot-button issue I'm opposite from Huckabee's stand, he's the only one in the Republican stable who's not rabid -- as in frothingly insane.

    Yepsen: Huckabee Could Win Iowa!

  • Because, Rudolph, the NYT is a bit like Al Beeb: mouth-frothingly anti-Israel.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Because, the last time I looked, a number of them are frothingly anti-choice, but not a single one of them has seen fit to pimp that MASSIVE POLL.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • They wouldn't say, "Well, I guess it was a good run, and I got a lot of good chocolate out of it" – a number of people would be frothingly mad that you had taken something from their lives that you owed them.

    Two Facts Of Human Existence

  • Congratulations, Matis, on your newfound success and all its benefits, like perfect strangers who frothingly curse and deride others for being disappointed in you.

    Super Duper Awkward and Depressing Matisyahu Interview | Jewschool

  • Besides, frothingly insane Christian criminals help expose what Republicanism stands for.

    Think Progress » DeLay Blasts Gates Nomination, Claims He Wants To ‘Negotiate With Terrorists’

  • He moaned up at them, screamed at them, cursed them frothingly, and Fat Joe hung on and cursed him back -- cursed him and promised him profanely that he would not let him die.

    Then I'll Come Back to You

  • Having bedded the teapartyers, the GOP is locked in a death embrace with the group of angry, toxic, maniacal, frothingly rabid, openly bigoted, abusive, extremely violent lunatics threatening armed insurrection, death and destruction to anyone not falling for their brand of fanaticism.

    Jamaica - Full Feed


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