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  • n. An obsolete form of front.


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  • Obama is inexperienced talks alot of eloquent fluff, while he may speak of higher taxes on the wealthy, it wont happen, he's saying what the people who made him a frount man tell him to say. .he's fall up under the authority of the money masters and march to the beat of their drum if elected.

    Obama blasts McCain on energy, taxes

  • LOL These are my all time favorite type of blunders I just laughed really loud and randomly in frount of the customer at my desk :

    The Literal Letter of the Law

  • She left me a note that read: "Beacky, Satie is lymping on her rite frount pah."

    grizmom Diary Entry

  • I was struck by the bleached out quality of the yard and especially the faded Gremlin in the frount yard that hadn't been moved in a decade or so.

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • But now im sitting like right in frount of ms. anton, which is okay, cuz it'll force me to pay attention so i did ALL my work (woah! itz like the first time since jan when i actually did my warmup!) and yea ... we did our work and then meredith and i just talked the rest of the time about or boyfriends ... hah, complaining = fun!

    zingerbabai Diary Entry

  • Well, Demon and I come home to find Squeekers outside on the frount sidewalk riding his scooter.

    moee Diary Entry

  • OOH and a sexi-licious italian guy that sits in frount of me in math.

    zingerbabai Diary Entry

  • We are stopped, forced to go to the frount of the school, asked where we are going from an administrator, and then walk around to our car.

    zingerbabai Diary Entry

  • So i sat in the frount (cuz i have the biggest hips and thighs, ... ugh), and allison and carrie sat in the seatz and sarah sat on the floor behind me.

    zingerbabai Diary Entry

  • But now whatz in frount of me is ...:: sigh:: sols.

    zingerbabai Diary Entry


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