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  • adv. While, or as if, frozen; in a manner that is cold, unfeeling, unmoving, etc.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

frozen +‎ -ly


  • In the morning it sat there frozenly crashing forever on my living room floor and I thought about calling out of work, but there were no good excuses at hand or in mind and so I thought a watched pot never boils, maybe ice is the opposite and a watched ice melts so I went to work and decided that night to watch it.


  • «Looking out the window the sky pinks behind laborious tree limbs which writhe frozenly.

    a winter scene

  • Nell stared at him in disbelief and then whispered frozenly, "That's blackmail."

    Lovers Touch

  • He cowered frozenly in the shadow of a big building until the policeman passed on.

    The Gay Cockade

  • They sat down after that; and Jean listened frozenly while Margaret and

    The Tin Soldier

  • "The very worst that could happen," I said frozenly, and I dropped my head once more.

    The Lost Valley

  • Although I saw him not, I knew that Pitcairn came to Stair that afternoon; but, before God, by no message carried by me; and the following morning I visited him in his offices, finding him at a desk in the inner room looking frozenly out under his dome-like forehead in

    Nancy Stair A Novel

  • The cold currents in and out of his heart stiffened frozenly and ceased to flow; his heart itself stood still for an eternal instant.

    Fennel and Rue

  • An Eveleen had carried him farthest to imagine the splendours of an Adiante, and the announcement of the coming of an Eveleen would perchance have sped a little wild fire, to which what the world calls curiosity is frozenly akin, through his veins.

    Celt and Saxon — Volume 1

  • a dead silence, during which she stared frozenly into the fire while I, afraid to move, occupied the time by storing in my memory every bewitching detail of her dress and person.

    The Belovéd Vagabond


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