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  • n. Plural form of fructan.


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  • Foods spiked with "fructans" from the agave plant may help protect against osteoporosis by boosting the body's absorption of calcium and could have other health benefits, they said.

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  • Foods spiked with "fructans" from the agave plant may be used in a new genre of processed foods with health benefits and as a source of nutrients that helps the body's absorption of calcium, according to Mercedes López, National Polytechnic Institute,

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  • In fact, some experts say it's possible that people who do not have celiac disease but still have trouble digesting wheat products may actually be sensitive to the fructans in wheat rather than the gluten, which is protein component.

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  • Three other categories of sugars have also been found to cause absorption and fermentation problems in some people—including fructans that are found in wheat and rye, galactans that are found in legumes, and polyols, found in some fruits and in artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol and mannitol.

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  • The highly invasive purple Perilla fructans, banned in the state of Tennessee as having no manners, was photographed in bloom.

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  • Many drugs are destroyed by stomach acids before they can reach the colon but the tequila compounds, a class of polysaccharides known as fructans, resist destruction in the stomach and could allow more of the drugs to reach the colon intact.

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  • "These results suggest that the supplementation of the standard diet with agave fructans prevented bone loss and improved bone formation, indicating the important role of agave fructans on the maintenance of healthy bone," Lopez said.

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  • TUESDAY, March 23 (HealthDay News) -- An ingredient in agave -- the plant used to make tequila -- may help fight bone-weakening garlic, onions and chicory are rich, natural sources of fructans -- nondigestible carbohydrates consisting of molecules of fructose linked together into chains, according to background information in a news release from the American Chemical Society.

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  • "Experimental studies suggest that fructans may be beneficial in diabetes, obesity, stimulating the immune system of the body, decreasing levels of disease-causing bacteria in the intestine, relieving colon cancer," Mercedes Lopez, of the National Polytechnic Institute in Guanajuato, said in the news release.

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  • Compared to other mice, those fed agave fructans absorbed more calcium from food, excreted less calcium in their feces, and had a 50% increase in levels of a protein associated with the build-up of new bone tissue.

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