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  • n. The practice of being a fruitarian


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  • Everybody cracked up, but then she went on to talk really intelligently about mandatory vegetarianism, boycotts of certain foods, how sugar equals patriarchy, the lofty status of vegans, the link between fruitarianism and parthogenesis, and even our brief mid 70's attempt at something called breathairianism.


  • For years, I experimented with fasting, cleansing diets and colonics, fruitarianism, and even breatharianism not eating anything but air, which was a disaster in the Los Angeles smog!

    When Animals Speak

  • Before bed, I flip through some guidebooks on fruitarianism.

    The Fruit Hunters

  • Although the group aspires to fruitarianism, they also eat homemade yogurt, popcorn and vegetables that grow on the farm.

    The Fruit Hunters

  • The rebel health colony, called Monte Verità Mountain of Truth, espoused fruitarianism and practiced nude organic gardening.

    The Fruit Hunters

  • He suggests that I speak about fruitarianism with Oscar Jaitt, who lives nearby.

    The Fruit Hunters

  • Explaining that he had some friends who had been breatharians for a year and a half, he pointed out that fruitarianism should be seen as a step toward attaining the goal of human photosynthesis.

    The Fruit Hunters

  • I thought about posting some tales about Jeff over there -- the story of how I once took him to a vegan restaurant and tried to convert him to Calvinist fruitarianism, for instance -- but decided that I'd rather just leave some notes here.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • This obscure publisher reprinted many unusual and generally crudely reproduced out-of-print books about raw foods diets, hygienic medicine, fruitarianism, fasting, breathairianism, plus some works discussing spiritual aspects of living that were far more esoteric than I had ever thought existed.

    How and When to Be Your Own Doctor

  • Vegetarianism and fruitarianism are being adopted by many households, less as a matter of principle than as a recourse from what are considered the present prohibitive prices of meats.

    Practical Suggestions for Mother and Housewife


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